The ECO V ® Advantage

  • Research and testing, followed by a comprehensive product and development process
  • Environmentally friendly
  • sustainable and fully recyclable
  • Made from high-strength galvanized carbon steel which is coated with a thick layer of zinc, ensuring high durability against corrosion
  • Able to be retrofitted to existing orchards
  • Cost-competitive – attachments can be applied for crop protection
  • Simple installation with easy to attach wire positions
  • Lightweight and safe
  • Guarantee against any material or manufacturing fault
  • After sales support from your local ECO V ® team


ECO W & ECO Y have been developed to assist with the installation of our ECO V system. These have been designed to reduce the time it would take to drive your steel posts into the ground.

ECO W-This has been designed so that a round post can be sleeved onto the centre part of the footing. The post is now there to support any across row wiring that could be used to help support your canopy netting.

Angle to be determined: common angles have been 10, 12 & 15 degrees.


This has been designed to make installation on our ECO V Trellis easier when there are restrictions on overhead space, for example net canopy or existing crop structures. Best application is to have the footing mechanically driven into a recommended depth, then placing your ECO V trellis over the top of this footing securing it as one.