Trellising Solution for Pip Fruit & Hop Growers

ECO VP (Vertical Post) has been developed for Apple, Cherry & Hops trellising.

It has been designed to support 2D growth. Hawke’s Bay orchardist have led the way on using our steel posts in their apple orchards. Our ECO VP is a perfect system for both new orchard developments and the replacement of damaged wooden posts which are manufactured to a 76.2mm diameter.

Local Hops growers in the Nelson, Motueka region have recently incorporated our steel trellising as supports for growing their Hop cultivars.


* Attachments can be applied for crop protection.

* Able to be retrofitted into existing orchards.

* 15 years manufacturing guarantee warranty applies.


Trellis Posts: 76.2mm x 1.85mm G310/Z450. Lengths are customised to suit each individual.