Trellising Solution for Pip Fruit Growers

ECO TRELLIS Horticultural Solutions has developed an innovative and sustainable trellising system called ECO V ®. The new system is very easy to install and has been designed specifically for pipfruit growers, especially apple orchardists. The new system may also be used for growing cherries.

ECO V ® offers better growing opportunities and has the potential to increase fruit yields. Nelson and Hawke’s Bay orchardists have led the way, installing the new system in their apple orchards. Central Otago is trialling the new system for cherries.

ECO TRELLIS Horticultural Solutions is owned and manufactured by NZ Tube Mills, a privately owned company with a large manufacturing plant based in Wellington. NZ Tube Mills produce an extensive range of products for the horticultural industry along with stainless steel and carbon steel tube products.


V Trellis Legs: 76mm x 42mm x 1.55mm Flat Sided Oval G310/Z450. Length to be determined

V Trellis Cross Brace: 31.8mm x 1.55mm Round G310/Z450. Common lengths are 900mm &1200mm (4 Tek Screws are provided).